AKC, CKC & Dual Reg. Upcoming Litters

Upcoming puppies can be purchased before due date for 1st & 2nd pick, Male or Female. 1st & 2nd Pick must be selected on (day 3, I will send you pictures of all available pups with their weight etc… hopefully this process helps) I do not try to make you feel rush or pressure you into deciding so quickly but please understand other families are just excited & would like to pick their baby as well & have placed deposit too. Please remember that our puppy inquiry does not guarantee you a puppy.
Deposits made before litter arrives will guarantee you a puppy and in order of deposit 

Example: 1st deposit = 1st pick, 2nd deposit = 2nd pick etc… All remaining potential buyers who filled puppy inquiry, (& Have my Approval) will be notified so they may select to place a deposit on any Available puppies. We do this before advertising puppies on website under Available puppies. If you would like to wait to see who has arrived  we completely understand!!! Please don’t be angry at

❤️🐾 Heart of Toys Puppies 🐾❤️Jerica Villa if someone else beats you to the 🥊 

 1st pick deposit will select 1st & so on. Thank you for understanding.

*** Not all litters are given the option of 1st pick & 2nd pick, if this option is available it will be advertised on upcoming litter page. I like to advertising available puppies on website for First Come First Serve Basis.

Our Miniature Pinschers & Chihuahuas are for Life and not an impulse buy We Do Not Offer Refunds Because You Changed Your Mind or Any Other Unexpected Incidents. We remove them from the available puppies website page, hold them for you and tell others they are on hold/sold!!! (No Exceptions) unless pup is found unsound before going home, we can transfer  your deposit to another littermate or upcoming litter if available.This includes pre puppy deposits, we have told others you had 1st or 2nd pick & they may have gone elsewhere & then changing your mind means that we have lost that pets potential home!!! ALL PayPal, PayPal Venmo & Cash App deposit for any pup confirms as your legal signature that you agree to all the terms of our contracts!!!


When the female drops the first sight of blood she’s taken from population and monitored closely, so there isn’t a unwanted or mistaken pregnancy. When she reaches her 8-10 day of heat she’s then ready to be bred and is then placed with her selected mate for breeding. The dogs then mate, mate, and mate some more but only if the female is accepting to the male. Once the breeding period is over, the female is immediately placed on prenatal supplements and is monitored for the next 30 days for signs of conception. Note: not all matings are successful, the female does not always conceive, sadly 😢.

If I received your Puppies Waiting List Deposit your first name & first initial in last name will remain here on website as well as Puppies Waiting List Deposit page until your babies arrival. Once your babies arrive/born you will be placed on the Sold/Hold area with your first name & first initial in last name above your babies picture & remain here until you receive your baby @ 8 Wks of age.

I  truly apologize for me obtaining a busy schedule which requires me to remain busy… I am a full time student at California State University of Stanislaus, full time Mother to my babies❤️🐾 & a full time Wife. 

🐾❤️🐾 We have the rights to refuse sales to anyone if we don’t feel its proper situation for our puppies/babies, we have the rights for the first pick and price change at any time of purchase. All puppy prices are for limited registration only, and sold to pet homes. We may consider Full AKCt to approved homes only for additional fee. 🐾❤️🐾